TIJ printer does not work in these five conditions, you must pay attention to! Oct 28, 2022

Handheld inkjet printers are the most common type of inkjet printer. It belongs to the quick hand-held inkjet printer. Overall, it is light, convenient, portable and easy to operate. However, this kind of printer can only be used on some production lines with low requirements. It is not suitable for some enterprises with high printing standards. Although the technology of handheld inkjet printers continues to improve, any equipment more or less will have some problems. When it occurs, the equipment must be repaired. In this article,we have sorted out the following common faults and relative solutions for hand-held inkjet printers:

1.The problem of the battery life of TIJ printer: The handheld inkjet printer is somewhat similar to the flashlight that everyone uses. It can only be illuminated by relying on the power supply. Different flashlights have different rated battery standards, which is also compatible for TIJ printers. It needs to choose suitable battery, otherwise it will affect the working process and the actual effect of printing. When the printer meets battery life problems, you can have two methods to deal with it:A). Prepare a spare battery, replace it immediately when the battery has no power, and charge the replaced one at the same time. B). Choose uninterruptible power supply(UPS).UPS is usually suitable for online use, which saves the trouble of changing the battery, and is more convenient and fast.

2. The problem that the handheld inkjet printer cannot be turned on: Usually, it is due to the battery of the printer being dead or damaged. In this case, just replace the battery; or it may also be caused by poor contact. It is recommended to check whether the wiring port is connected normally. If the problem still cannot be solved, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer , and ask professional technicians to overhaul.

3. Black screen, the printer cannot operate normally: When the handheld inkjet printer cannot enter the home page for operation after turning on. You can contact the manufacturer.

4. The problem that the variable information content on the handheld inkjet printer cannot be printed normally: Since the variable information content must be supported by relevant software and systems. When you choose to purchase the handheld inkjet printer, you should check with the supplier for technical confirmation. The easiest solution is to contact the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will upgrade or repair the software to promise the normal printing of variable information content.

5. The problem that the hand-held inkjet printer does not print: This kind of problem is caused by the damage of the photoelectric detector, the sensor, and the poor contact. Therefore, the solution is to check if the synchronizer, software printing calculator, etc. are damaged or have poor contact. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time, and merchants should prepare such vulnerable parts by themselves to avoid to delay the work process.

All in all, the failure or problem of the handheld inkjet printer is a normal phenomenon. You will meet it in the operation process of the equipment more or less. As long as the problem is found, it  immediately,which will not affect the work process and printing actual effect. In addition, the regular maintenance of the inkjet printer is also very important. Only the timely maintenance can increase the service life of the printer. Avoid unnecessary maintenance costs. 

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