Continuous Inkjet printers introduction--Some suggestions for you when purchasing Aug 18, 2022

1. Food safety will be upgraded, and packaging date coding needs to be reformed.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for food safety. Regular food manufacturers will inevitably have quality problems. Coupled with the rampant incidents of black businessmen modifying the production date, people's concerns about food safety are not unreasonable. Food safety is in urgent need of upgrading. Food supervision department has begun to strictly control the quality of food packaging date coding, reducing the use of low-quality ink coding, and preventing easy-to-erasure coding dates from allowing criminals to take advantage.

2. What happened to the ink jetting date? Why are they being used by unscrupulous merchants?

The traditional ink jet coding is not waterproof and wear-resistant. It can be wiped off with a simple solvent. The low-cost and inferior ink jet coding can even be scraped off with a fingernail. In addition to this, the production date of expired food is changed to a new date, and a "fresh" can of "just out of the oven" is placed on the shelf of the supermarket for consumers to buy.

3. There is a huge "trap" around. How can food manufacturers "help themselves"?

In order to avoid these problems, food manufacturers should choose ink jet printers with better quality. The new ink jet coding equipment can effectively improve the waterproofness and wear resistance of ink jet coding. I have sorted out several major brands of inkjet printers for your reference.

1) Videojet CIJ Printer

Videojet printers are second to none in the printer industry. In 1969, the first one was successfully developed and introduced to the market. Extensive industry experience has resulted in the outstanding printing capabilities and maintenance-friendly internal structure of Videojet printers. The company utilizes a variety of technologies to provide the right coding solutions and is committed to providing high-quality equipment, consumables and services that increase reliability, efficiency, simplify operations and reduce maintenance.

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2)Markem-Imaje CIJ printer

The logo technology from France has a very high reputation and brand. The high-end logo provider in the industry can provide comprehensive integrated solutions to ensure product quality and safety, comply with regulations and retailer requirements, and have sophisticated manufacturing processes.

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3) Hitachi CIJ Printer

In the field of inkjet marking and service for many years, it has a professional technical team and professional marketing. PX series is very consumable, stable and easy to operate, which is the cornerstone of its brand promotion in China. PXR series small character inkjet printers are divided into 65 micron nozzle aperture, 40 micron nozzle aperture and other types, and are mainly used in industry pipe factories and electronics factories.

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4) LINX CIJ Printer

In the inkjet marking equipment industry, with its more than 20 years of marking experience, in the inkjet printer production line and modern management, it has become an inkjet printer equipment. It is one of the good global suppliers.

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