• From food packaging to pharmaceutical industry,CIJ printers are used for all kinds of products and all kinds of coding applications From food packaging to pharmaceutical industry,CIJ printers are used for all kinds of products and all kinds of coding applications Jun 21, 2023
    With the rapid development of continuous inkjet printing technology, it has been widely applied in more and more fields. The inkjet printing has covered many fields such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, household appliances, warehousing and logistics, book publishing. Traceable product markings have been an integral part of countless industries ranging. Food manufacturers rely on product marking to ensure that their products are accounted for during transit and to trace problem products when performing recalls. Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry uses traceable marks for quality-assurance purposes and to ensure that the medicines they produce meet industry standards. Retailers usually require all manufacturers of perishable products to mark the expiry date on their products to inform them that their shelf life is about to end. The inkjet printers can meet the coding needs of the above enterprise. The latest CIJ and TIJ printers are compatible with a wide range of water-based and solvent-based ink formulations, enabling them to mark sharp, highly-readable product codes on substrates such as glass, rigid plastic, rubber, aluminum and flexible plastic packaging. These codes can help users outfit products with required information, like: ● Expiration dates ● Serial numbers ● Lot codes ● Barcodes ● Data matrices In recent years, SHUNJET has continuously increased investment in research and development, continued to innovate and iterate, and improved the product quality of accessories for various brands of inkjet printers. Provide customers with more targeted technical services, and gradually transform from pure product sales to "product + service" model. If you need to purchase inkjet printers to meet your business needs, or you are already using continuous inkjet printers and need inexpensive inkjet printer accessories, Find out how SHUNJET can help you expand your packing capabilities by contacting us.  
  • Elementary Introduction on the Use and Maintenance of CIJ Printer Apr 15, 2023
    The cost of Cij printer maintenance depends on several factors, including the printer model, use frequency, main application, and required maintenance services. The following are the common Cij printer maintenance costs: 1. Long-term maintenance costs: including replacement costs for consumables such as print heads, filters, pump heads, ink pipes, and power supplies. 2. Ink cost: Ink is the most important consumable for Cij printers. Different ink types and brands have different prices. 3. Maintenance costs: When printer breaks down or needs to replace parts, then additional maintenance costs may be required. 4. Staff training costs: Sometimes, users may need additional training costs to ensure the correct use and maintenance of the printer. Overall, Cij printers are relatively expensive to maintain as they require frequent replacement of consumables and regular maintenance. In order to ensure the stable operation of the printer and provide high-efficiency and accurate printing services in the production process, it is difficult for many users to seek suitable parts for inkjet printers with stable quality and low price. Fujian Shunjet Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of compatible spare parts for various mainstream brands of inkjet printers. We can help you reduce the use cost of inkjet printers, ensure stable operation of printers, and provide efficient and accurate printing services during the production process.
  • Why do you need to change the filters for the inkjet printer? Why do you need to change the filters for the inkjet printer? May 11, 2023
    Why do you need to replace the inkjet printer filter ? For most inkjet printer user,they don't know that some parts of the inkjet printer need to be replaced regularly.However, it is easy to cause machine wear and tear.  Today Let's learn about inkjet printer filters.Many users have the wrong perceptions that filter is the printer accessory. In fact, the inkjet printer filter is a consumable. For example, the nozzle filter is installed with the ink pipe before the nozzle to ensure that the nozzle can discharge the ink line normally, which can promise the normal operation of the inkjet printer. The working principle of the small character inkjet printer is the adopt of continuous inkjet technology, which determines how it works. When the inkjet printer is running, the ink in the inkjet printer is circulated into the entire pipeline, and then is recycled again through the recovery port.   In the whole ink recovery process, impurities such as dust and water vapor in the air will be together with the recovery ink in the pipeline and then enter the internal pipeline of the inkjet printer. These dust, impurities, and water vapor will cause damage to the pipeline in some time. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, the inkjet printer is equipped with the filter device at the beginning of the design in order to prevent these impurities from entering and causing serious impact on the product. Therefore, filters are the consumables, but not the spares of the CIJ printer. It needs to be replaced regularly. when should the filter be replaced? The inkjet printer filter is mainly composed of four parts: nozzle filter, pre-pump filter, main filter and gutter filter. The service life of the filter of the inkjet printer is 2000-9000 hours in normal production process.So, when do we need to replace the filter?This requires our operators to carefully observe in the inkjet printer’s daily use. For example, whether there is ink line deviation, whether equipment abnormal alarm occurs, whether the writing is normal, etc. If any of these situations happen, it's a sign that the filter needs to be replaced.
  • How to do the daily maintenance for the CIJ printer? Dec 03, 2022
    Inkjet printer, as a commonly used printing equipment on the production line, is widely adopted in food, medicine, daily chemical, label printing, card making, packaging printing, medical, electronics, hardware and other industries. It needs regular maintenance, otherwise it will increase the probability of inkjet printer failure, causing the inconvenience and loss to the factory.   How to maintain the CIJ printer?  We can pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Ink—check the liquid level of ink, solvent and ink viscosity every day to see if it is normal. When the ink level is too low, it must be added in time, but be careful not to the adding amount. If the ink is too full, precipitation will easily occur, which will affect the quality of printing.Ink viscosity is related to whether the inkjet printer can run stably or not.High viscosity will increase the load of the main pump and cause damage to the motor diaphragm; low viscosity will easily cause the pressure pump to rotate at high speed, which will shorten the life of the pump! In addition, if the viscosity of the ink is too different from the set value, it will also affect the printing quality of the product.   2. Nozzle - Clean and dry the nozzle before daily use. As a key part of the inkjet printer, if the nozzle is too dirty, it will lead to abnormal charging and large voltage changes at the deflector, which will directly affect the printing quality. Therefore, when you find that the nozzle of the machine is too dirty, you should scrub it in time, and dry the nozzle with a hair dryer after cleaning.   3. Hygiene—clean the inkjet printer and its surroundings daily, clean the filter screen and check the fan every week, and replace the main filter regularly. Keep the shell of the inkjet printer clean and hygienic, without ink stains. If there are dirt and debris, it needs to be cleaned up in time. This can better protect the shell of the inkjet printer and prevent corrosion caused by ink dripping on the surface of the shell. It can extend the life of the equipment.  In addition, regular cleaning can allow the air inside the machine to circulate more smoothly and prevent dust from entering the circuit system, so as to ensure that the temperature of the circuit system is always kept at normal temperature.  4. Placement and movement - it is strictly forbidden to move randomly and place more than two inkjet printers on the same production line. If there is a need for production, another inkjet printer with different ink colors can be placed. When the inkjet printer breaks down,you need to contact  the maintenance personnel immediately to solve the problem. At this time, the machines on other production lines should not be moved at will. If necessary, pls. obtain the consent of the maintenance personnel at first. In addition, when handling the inkjet printer, we must pay attention to prevent excessive vibration, handle it with care, so as not to damage the inkjet printer due to negligent handling. 5. Shut down and restarted - after shutting down for more than 72 hours and then restarting, the nozzle is clogged. This situation often happens. At this time, just remove the nozzle and clean it, then dry it with a hair dryer and install it back.  If you encounter situations such as small holidays that need to stop for more than 72 hours, you can release the ink in the inkjet printer (especially the white ink machine) and input a solvent for maintenance. In this way, it can prevent the ink from settling due to long-term storage, and reduce the damage to the machine caused by human negligence. Industrial identification equipment is divided into purchase cost and use cost. The purchase cost is the price of the equipment. The cost of use is not only consumables, but also accessories and after-sales maintenance fees. The most important thing that is easily overlooked is the increase in costs caused by the shutdown of industrial marking equipment. The stoppage of production is not only the loss of orders cannot be delivered to customers in time, but also the waste of raw materials and the increase cost of the whole production line. Therefore,the stability of the production environment should be considered firstly. Fujian Quanzhou Shunjet is a CIJ printer parts supplier, we can offer various spares for CIJ printer problem shooting.If you have any need, do not hesitate to let us know. We will try our best to help you.
  • What about the functions of the continuous inkjet printer(CIJ) in our daily life? Nov 15, 2022
    For many people who haven't used CIJ printer, they may not understand what it is? What role does it have and how does it affect our lives? In fact, we can see the products printing by the CIJ printer everywhere, which play a very important role. For example, on the beverage bottles we usually drink and the outer packaging of the food we eat. The production date(PD), expiration date(EXP), validity period, Lot No., place of origin, material,which information are all suitable for CIJ printing. It can improve the recognition rate of the product and let customers know some necessary parameters and attributes of this product when purchasing,which can solve customer problems at the first time.   So what is the core value of the inkjet printer? When it comes to the core value of the inkjet printer, of course, it can help consumers to track and trace information. Whether it is the production date, QR code, barcode, etc., or some variable codes for anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling. It keeps improving our work efficiency. Let our products have obvious trajectories in production, circulation, packaging, sales, and terminal markets, which is convenient for inquiry and traceability, forming the Internet of Things system that we often talk about. For manufacturers, efficiency is king. Using the inkjet printer can not only mark your own logo on the products, but also better distinguish it from other merchants' products. In addition, the production efficiency of the product is greatly improved. Inkjet printers are used in a wide range of industries, such as beverages, beer, mineral water and other industries, as well as wire and cable, non-staple food, cigarettes, batteries and other industries. The inkjet printer market is developing rapidly. The commodity names, trademarks, or dates in our daily life are all sprayed on the commodities by the inkjet printer, which makes us more aware of the market demand for safety and green environmental protection. We often clearly see the production date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting code, manufacturer name, specifications, etc. on the packaging of food. These are all printed by CIJ printer. It not only tracks potential problems, prevents counterfeiting, etc. It plays an important role in anti-counterfeiting, and also allows consumers to buy with confidence.Therefore, the food industry is the largest market for inkjet printers. Therefore, inkjet printers can prevent fakes from the source. In factory production, CIJ printers are necessary for every manufacturer.  
  • What are the core accessories of the inkjet printer? Aug 19, 2022
    As a mature industrial marking equipment,the inkjet printers are assembled from inkjet printer accessories one by one. The upstream and downstream of the supply chain are rich and unusual. Among so many inkjet printer spares, which ones are decisive? Share with you below. What are the core accessories of the inkjet printer? If you want to understand the functions of accessories of each inkjet printer.The easiest way is to first understand the "Working Principles of Inkjet Printers", and then deepen your understanding during actual disassembly and daily operation. In turn,firstly, for small character inkjet printers, the power source lies in its pressure pump, which is equivalent to the engine of a car, which continuously generates pressure, allowing the ink to flow and mix in the pipeline, and let the ink be emitted from the nozzle and then enter the recovery tank to form a cycle. . Then there is the gutter module, which mainly relies on the Venturi (the source is also the pressure pump) or the gutter pump (independently responsible for the recovery pipeline). For the application of some special inks, I recommend that you use a printer with an independent gutter pump configuration. It will be better. Secondly, the pressure and viscosity detection module, no matter what kind of inkjet printer pressure and viscosity detection principle is used, the purpose is the same, to ensure the stable operation environment of the entire inkjet printer, so as to ensure the quality of text printing. There are also solenoid valves that play an important role in the inkjet printer. They are equivalent to the faucets of the ink circuit system. The indicators such as sealing, response speed, and stability under long-term use conditions directly affect the service life of the entire inkjet printer and its comprehensive performance. The last thing I have to mention is the inkjet printer nozzle. Nowadays, whether it is an imported brand inkjet printer supplier or a domestic independent brand manufacturer, they all understand its importance and will not save costs in nozzle selection. It is an imported gemstone nozzle, which has become a standard configuration.  

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