Why is the Thermal Transfer Overprinter ideal for the Food and Beverage Industry? Jan 04, 2024

TTO (Thermal Transfer Overprinting) technology is revolutionizing the printing and packaging industry, and its application in the food and beverages sector is particularly notable. Unlike other industries, the food and beverages industry has unique requirements when it comes to printing on packaging materials.


With TTO, manufacturers in the food and beverages industry can achieve high-quality, legible, and reliable printing on various packaging materials, such as flexible films, labels, and cartons. The technology utilizes a heated printhead to transfer ink onto the packaging surface, ensuring clear and smudge-free codes, including batch numbers, expiration dates, and barcodes.

One of the key advantages of Thermal Transfer Overprinter(TTO) is its versatility. It can handle different types of packaging materials, including those with uneven or textured surfaces, ensuring consistent and high-resolution printing results. This is crucial in meeting regulatory requirements, traceability standards, and consumer expectations for product information and safety.

Moreover, TTO offers flexibility in terms of message customization and on-the-fly printing. Manufacturers can easily change and update codes, graphics, and promotional messages, allowing for efficient product labeling and quick response to market demands.


Additionally, TTO technology boasts fast printing speeds, enabling seamless integration into high-speed production lines. This, coupled with its low maintenance requirements and cost-effective operation, makes TTO an attractive choice for food and beverages manufacturers looking to improve their productivity and streamline their printing processes.


Overall, TTO has transformed the way printing is done in the food and beverages industry, offering greater efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. As the industry continues to evolve, TTO will undoubtedly play a vital role in meeting the ever-increasing demands for quality printing and packaging solutions.


Read on to product specifications of Shunjet’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter: 

  • The technology used is highly dependable technology that requires no maintenance at all. SHUNJET U30 TTO is easy to use,can be operated without technical training.It offers print resolution up to 300dpi, delivering high-quality prints which are ideal for the food and beverage industry. 
  • The ink-ribbons used for printing are food-packaging-safe and  suitable for most coding requirements.

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