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From food packaging to pharmaceutical industry,CIJ printers are used for all kinds of products and all kinds of coding applications June 21, 2023

With the rapid development of continuous inkjet printing technology, it has been widely applied in more and more fields. The inkjet printing has covered many fields such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, household appliances, warehousing and logistics, book publishing.

Traceable product markings have been an integral part of countless industries ranging. Food manufacturers rely on product marking to ensure that their products are accounted for during transit and to trace problem products when performing recalls. Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry uses traceable marks for quality-assurance purposes and to ensure that the medicines they produce meet industry standards. Retailers usually require all manufacturers of perishable products to mark the expiry date on their products to inform them that their shelf life is about to end.

CIJ printers CIJ and TIJ printers

The inkjet printers can meet the coding needs of the above enterprise. The latest CIJ and TIJ printers are compatible with a wide range of water-based and solvent-based ink formulations, enabling them to mark sharp, highly-readable product codes on substrates such as glass, rigid plastic, rubber, aluminum and flexible plastic packaging. These codes can help users outfit products with required information, like:

● Expiration dates

● Serial numbers

● Lot codes

● Barcodes

● Data matrices

In recent years, SHUNJET has continuously increased investment in research and development, continued to innovate and iterate, and improved the product quality of accessories for various brands of inkjet printers. Provide customers with more targeted technical services, and gradually transform from pure product sales to "product + service" model.

inkjet printers packing capabilities

If you need to purchase inkjet printers to meet your business needs, or you are already using continuous inkjet printers and need inexpensive inkjet printer accessories, Find out how SHUNJET can help you expand your packing capabilities by contacting us.


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