• Why do you need to change the filters for the inkjet printer? Why do you need to change the filters for the inkjet printer? May 11, 2023
    Why do you need to replace the inkjet printer filter ? For most inkjet printer user,they don't know that some parts of the inkjet printer need to be replaced regularly.However, it is easy to cause machine wear and tear.  Today Let's learn about inkjet printer filters.Many users have the wrong perceptions that filter is the printer accessory. In fact, the inkjet printer filter is a consumable. For example, the nozzle filter is installed with the ink pipe before the nozzle to ensure that the nozzle can discharge the ink line normally, which can promise the normal operation of the inkjet printer. The working principle of the small character inkjet printer is the adopt of continuous inkjet technology, which determines how it works. When the inkjet printer is running, the ink in the inkjet printer is circulated into the entire pipeline, and then is recycled again through the recovery port.   In the whole ink recovery process, impurities such as dust and water vapor in the air will be together with the recovery ink in the pipeline and then enter the internal pipeline of the inkjet printer. These dust, impurities, and water vapor will cause damage to the pipeline in some time. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, the inkjet printer is equipped with the filter device at the beginning of the design in order to prevent these impurities from entering and causing serious impact on the product. Therefore, filters are the consumables, but not the spares of the CIJ printer. It needs to be replaced regularly. when should the filter be replaced? The inkjet printer filter is mainly composed of four parts: nozzle filter, pre-pump filter, main filter and gutter filter. The service life of the filter of the inkjet printer is 2000-9000 hours in normal production process.So, when do we need to replace the filter?This requires our operators to carefully observe in the inkjet printer’s daily use. For example, whether there is ink line deviation, whether equipment abnormal alarm occurs, whether the writing is normal, etc. If any of these situations happen, it's a sign that the filter needs to be replaced.

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